Brag About Yourself, Win a Signed Glove or Photo

Tell me why you're awesome - Deontay Wilder

Want to win a signed glove or photo from Deontay Wilder? All you have to do is brag about yourself! Deontay launched a contest yesterday to reward those with the most self-confidence. The contest, announced on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, encourages fans to submit stories and photos explaining why they are amazing people. The goal is to encourage participants to appreciate themselves more and build confidence. On Friday, March 20th, those with the best stories will receive a signed glove or photo from the heavyweight champ himself. What makes you awesome? Tell your story now by completing the form below and you could end up winning a signed glove or photo from Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder!

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Deontay the Future World Champ

In January 2015, Deontay Wilder fulfilled his dream of becoming a heavyweight world champion. Now, he’s sharing with kids what it took to get him there. In his new children’s book “Deontay the future World Champ!” Wilder speaks to the importance of determination, eating right and exercising regularly to achieve one’s goals. It’s a fun, inspirational story, one almost as colorful as “The Bronze Bomber” himself. Click here to pick up a copy on

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